Skymed Nitrile Gloves Thailand: Is Skymed Really A Scam?

If you are reasonably connected in the PPE industry, you probably already heard about Skymed Nitrile Gloves from Thailand iland, repeatedly making the news – for all the wrong reasons. However, if your question is if Skymed is really a scam, read on…

In an earlier blog post, I posted a picture of a bunch of elderly people repackaging gloves into Skymed boxes. In fact, I was exposed to this brand very early on but didn’t proceed with it because no proof of on-going manufacture could be produced. Moreover, because the key shareholders are military personnel, I didn’t want to get involved because those in Thailand will know the powers of “guanxi” and how military can be above the law.

Skymed Nitrile Gloves has already made the news multiple times. Most recently, it was for fraud with fake and forged certificates. Even Shun Thai Glove Co. Ltd has included an announcement on their site that they do not produce for Skymed. Medical Glove Co. Ltd also made a statement on Skymed on their FB page for the same.

Can Skymed Actually Deliver?

Apparently, Skymed does actually deliver orders – without even having a factory. They are obviously doing it by repackaging! Previously, there was large amount of unbranded, unpackaged, locally-manufactured blue nitrile gloves going at $4-5 usd per 100 pieces. However, in one fell swoop, all these gloves disappeared from the market place. Subsequently, resellers of these gloves my wife and I contacted asked if we wanted Vietnam produced gloves. Could those be the rumoured rejected V Gloves (or the fakes) that didn’t make it through US customs?

Repackaging, anyone? That also looks like a blower to check for leaks.
Not the nicest. Maybe these are the recycled ones.

The news clippings raise a new point though. That the unpackaged unbranded gloves could simply be recycled used gloves.

The funny thing is though, Skymed gloves pass SGS tests. Someone I know has been working on this brand for a few small orders and share these with me…

Taken in a logistics warehouse
The measurements are on point, 7apparently.
Skymed SGS inspection

So is Skymed Nitrile Gloves from Thailand really a scam? The subject of recycled gloves is a whole new point and loophole in inspections. Personally, I know of customers who don’t have an issue with repackaged gloves. But what if the gloves are used and contaminated? If any complications arise and it traces back to the supplier, even where the PPE broker is indemnified under the contract, its not a good thought that someone might pick up something from a situation we could have prevented. I personally also felt that one of the tactics of some unethical business opportunists is to “name-squat” on very common names. You can find so many unrelated search results for “Skymed” on Google. The foolish, or English-illiterate may be quick to assume Skymed has an established Web presence – when in actual fact none of these sites are related.

If anyone is looking for good supply of non-recycled nitrile gloves, contact me via the “Contact” page!

27 thoughts on “Skymed Nitrile Gloves Thailand: Is Skymed Really A Scam?

    1. We are at a loss … Skymed offered us to deliver a large batch of nitrile gloves in a short time. Now we are thinking, is it worth trusting them? Who can you recommend from manufacturers in Thailand? We will be grateful for your answer.


      1. Hi Natalia, sorry for the late reply. I think the best action to do, is to do an independent production audit. That third party verification would give you the better deciding power whether or not to go ahead. Currently I’m also working with another brand that has apparently been producing OEM for many known brands – my buyer has ordered such an audit by Ernest & Young. I’m also eagerly looking forward to the outcome.


      2. Do give Malaysia a try. Factory is producing up to 10 Million Boxes. Brand is ‘Unbeatable’. Understand everybody’s concern about scams of agents buying up rejected gloves and stuffing it into branded boxes, Brands with no factories etc.
        We are based in Malaysia wih our own factory. All agreements are direct with the Manufacturer.
        Gerard Bateman
        Primus Associates
        Suite 32-17, Level 32 
        Q Sentral
        Kuala Lumpur Sentral
        50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
        Tel:  + 603 2712 1891
        Fax: + 603 2712 1894
        H/P: + 6012 655 5516


  1. Dear sir
    We are trying to give order to them,can u pls let me.know on this.
    2 thoughts on “Skymed Nitrile Gloves Thailand: Is Skymed Really A Scam?” is it true.
    Are they making there own manufacturing or, they buying from others and repacking it. Ur advice and suggestions would matter alot.


    1. Hi Vivek. In this post I’m sharing what i’m aware of. They were in the news, and they are repacking. As a broker I personally do not have a problem with repacking but for the sake of my customers I need to be sure of the source of the gloves, and that the certificates indeed correspond to the source of the repacked gloves. Most of my buyers also want transparency. Its fairly common that new brands will buy production or repack or both, with the eventual goal of having their own operation but it is best they just be transparent and not false claim.


    2. I dont have a bad experience with Skymed in thailand ..if u scare u have to visit Skymed building at Thailand only .. dont let other people to take ur opportunity to do business with Real branding.


  2. Is this news on their gloves are repacked is rather disturbing.
    As engaging them to produce for us.
    Let me if this company is genuine.


    1. Apparently there is real skymed and fake skymed. Nonetheless, it does not seem they have any factory of their own. There’s a letter floating around from them saying that they are in the midst of acquiring Healthy Glove, but there’s that notice from the related Medical Glove Co on their FB page. Also, why would anyone in this crucial time post about an acquisition until its set in stone, right? Every other co that is doing OEM is so paranoid that their supply chain might get cut off by a competitor who would outbid them.


  3. What we noticed is that sufficiency economy city co. ltd”is trying to sell a lot of Skymed nitrile boxes. We got an offer for 400 milion boxes. Got an autorization letter but my scam allert works overtime…..


    1. Yes that’s correct. Mind you, 400m is literally like 9 months of hartalega’s production at full capacity. Apparently there are also impersonators for sufficiency eco, but if I were in your position, it would make total sense to request an audit of production capability to substantiate the basis of making such an offer to supply.


  4. I had an experiend with Skymed brand ( real one) .. i have nothing problem with this brand.. Skymed supply good quality with Latex and Nitrile . The news is arrested fake product. Please dont convinced . Thank you


  5. I work as a contractor on Thailand territory. I was at a meeting at the Sufficiency Co. office today. They OEM everything, bit plan to set up production next year. You are basically paying premium for a box with a name. Contents could be anything. Normally malaysian produce.


    1. That’s pretty much where most of the industry is at. Royalty to cert providers, whereby the product is from somewhere else. The thing is… If the one providing certs and batch numbers only has the duty of doing such, who do you pursue beyond the brand owner for non-performance?


    1. Highly unlikely. I’ve been doing this for coming to 9 months now have been to many empty warehouses and have many freight forwarders telling me about how much lost business freight liners have incurred due to bookings that have to be cancelled due to no stock and fraudulent dealing. 100m stock will take up 56,000 sqm of warehouse space. Not realistic.


  6. Good day All, for those who are skeptical about Skymed gloves , In Malaysia , Humbly would Declare that we are a small allocation Holder for the said brand, with supporting docs and also samples parked in our office in Mont Kiara. Do drop me a line to Know more.


    1. Nah. Skymed is total bullshit. Only 7 shipments of not more than 3300 cartons each, after over 1 year. It’s a joke. For a company that claims over 1000 production lines across 40 factories…


  7. Skymed just finished the factories on january and they gonna grand open in May. We already went to there for re-check before we start to del with them . Skymed has 2 part of factories in east of Thailand. Most of News happened in everyday it is from fake product and the agents they used Sunthai, Medical gloves certificated to offer the End buyer that’s why on both website claimed that they din’t contact or involve with Skymed . Actually Skymef they din’t provide fake documents . And thai news (my thai friends helped me to translate) they annoucned arrest of fake products. It is not professional if you know only half story. . This page is a good info for everyone but please share with truth info if we are not Thai people it is hard to understand in thai language . Sincerely !


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